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Your initial consultation with a divorce lawyer is a difficult, but important first step. You’re both testing the waters and you’ll both have lots of questions. The lawyer will look to assess your situation and determine the best strategy for getting you the very best outcome. You should be prepared to ask questions about divorce too.

All of this information will go into creating a game plan that moves both of you forward to the most favorable settlement possible. While many people go into their first meeting with a divorce lawyer unprepared, there is no reason not to be ready. Come prepared with questions of your own to determine if the lawyer you’re speaking with is a good match for your situation.


First, get a bit of background about your potential lawyer. Ask your lawyer about their law credentials including their years of experience and number of cases handled in this area of law.

  • How many years has he or she specialized in divorce?
  • Does the lawyer specialize in a certain area of divorce law?
  • Are they particularly skilled in negotiating child custody issues?
  • Have they handled high asset division cases? Family business division?
  • Also ask them if they have connections with experts such as private investigators, forensic accountants, family counselors, etc.


Ask your divorce lawyer how long they think it will take for your case to reach a final settlement. Keep in mind that while your lawyer may relay information about the scope of your case, it’s not a guarantee that your case will comply with the time line. You shouldn’t expect to receive a firm time line because each case is unique and the duration of your case is dependent on many variables. These include the level of cooperation by your spouse, accessing financial data, and court scheduling.


Asking the following questions are a good way to get a sense of what it will be like working with your divorce lawyer:

  • How often will we be in communication?
  • How do we connect in an emergency?
  • How do fees work at your law firm? What am I responsible for paying and when?
  • Are there additional people assisting on this case?

Don’t be afraid to ask your divorce lawyer questions about divorce, the legal process, or concerns you have about your unique situation.

Sauls Law Group has a team of experienced divorce lawyers ready to help you with your case. We’re happy to answer your questions about child custody, alimony, and equitable property division.

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