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Everyone has heard that there are no winners when it comes to divorce. We’ve talked about it here on the site. Maybe one spouse has the children more of the time but requires more financial assistance to support them. Or one spouse keeps the house and the other must relocate. Either way, is there a clear winner or loser? Either way, here are some tips to set yourself up for success in a divorce.

Winning in divorce isn’t getting everything you want. It’s getting the best settlement that your divorce lawyer can negotiate on your behalf.

There are steps that you and your divorce lawyer can take to ensure that your setting yourself up for success in a divorce case and making sure that your best interests are represented before the court. 

Take care of yourself and keep a level head

Divorce is life-changing and stressful. To get through the process and into your new life, you need to put your best self forward. You can do this by keeping a level head while dealing with emotionally charged divorce issues.  

Consider those impacted and be willing to reach the best overall outcome

If a child is or children are involved in your divorce case, the stakes are much higher. Every move you make during the process can impact child custody and support.

A spouse, who insists on making negotiations difficult, isn’t putting themselves in a position to win. By pushing emotional and legal boundaries, he/she is making a good outcome less likely.

For example, consider the judge’s role in determining the child’s best interests. The more that you work with your lawyer, the court, and even your spouse during negotiation or trial, your chances significantly improve for reaching a suitable outcome for everyone involved. 

Be open to counsel to create the best legal strategy

It is also important to be open to advice from your attorney, even when it is not exactly what you want to hear. Your attorney is your advocate and can give the best guidance on the outcome of any situation.

Reaching a final divorce settlement takes a solid legal strategy. There are cases where this requires taking a strong position at the negotiating table or going to trial. 

By working with your attorney and being open to their counsel to build a strong legal strategy, you put yourself in a position for a more successful outcome. 

Having the right divorce lawyer on your side makes all the difference when it comes to protecting your interests, handling divorce issues, and setting yourself up for success in a divorce. Contact Sauls Law Group at (770) 212-9168 for a consultation today. 

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