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Sauls Law Group and its staff are praying that this virus is abolished and we are that the sick are healed quickly. We know that you’re under stress from the virus and could be facing financial difficulties due to COVID-19. To help with this, we have reduced our rates to better serve you during this time. If you have legal needs, we’re still here to help you.

Our families are and always will be the most important people in our lives. The recent spread of COVID-19, and the shelter-in-place orders recently enacted by our government officials, make us value our families even more. We all are separated from loved ones and have the hope of hugging them again real soon.

We at the Sauls Law Group are here for you and your family when you have Family Law needs.  We hope that our reduced rates will better serve you during this time and please contact us should you have any family law questions or concerns.

We are here for you and your family now just as we’ve always been.