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Becoming a parent is one of the most life-changing events a person will ever experience. Whether having a natural child or adopting a child, an addition to your family should be a joyous and memorable occasion. If you and your family have decided that you want to adopt a child, it is important to understand the steps throughout the adoption process, which can be emotionally and financially demanding. An adoption attorney can help you understand the legal requirements and manage the extensive documentation required.

There are various types of adoptions, including:

  • Domestic independent adoptions
  • Agency adoptions
  • Public agency/foster care
  • Stepparent and relative adoptions
  • Interstate adoptions
  • Paternity
  • International

While it’s difficult to think of legal matters when bringing a new child into your family.  It should be a joyous occasion and a good adoption attorney can keep it that way. There are several reasons to consider an adoption attorney to guide you through the adoption process.

Private Adoption

If you are adopting an infant through private adoption, your attorney will play an important role, and care should be taken when selecting the best legal representation.

International Adoption

Adoption attorneys should protect your interests and those of the child while navigating international law.

Termination of Parental Rights

Birth parents have legal rights to the child and a consent to adoption must be signed before an adoption can be complete. If both parents have not completed this document, one or both parents have grounds to attempt to remove the child from your home later.

An experienced adoption lawyer will ensure that your adoption covers all legal grounds, helping to lessen stress and court appearances.

Agency Research

If you have just started your adoption journey and have chosen an agency to work with, an adoption lawyer can help you research and evaluate your agency and quickly uncover important issues not readily apparent to you. Having an unbiased and knowledgeable attorney on your side can help handle challenges if they arise.


From birth certificates and divorce decrees to other important documentation, your adoption attorney will ease the organization and completion of this information to make sure that you have everything you need to get life started with your new child.

An adoption attorney is an important part of your adoption process and should be carefully selected. Ask around for recommendations or take time to personally consult with proven adoption professionals to get a feel for which attorney will work best for your family’s needs. Choose wisely, so that you can focus on celebrating with your family and making new memories.

Sauls Law Group is a team of expert lawyers who are experienced with Georgia adoptions and can guide you through the process. Contact us at (770) 212-9168 for a consultation.